24 Hour Sprint: Can we save the world from COVID-19?

In uncertain times context is everything.

There are things we can’t change and things we have the power to change in our lives. We can’t pretend that things are not that bad. Instead, we should come together to unite and respond to these issues.

No one individual can accomplish this by themselves, but collectively we can work towards a brighter future.

We are so lucky to be in a time where we have the technology and tools to share ideas and ways to inspire others to not just learn, become informed and do something. The combination of wide networks of communities and human-centred design (Design thinking) can make a dramatic difference to people that need it most!

Sprints have so many possibilities and can be used for so many different uses. Design thinking as a methodology can support the inclusion of collaborative design that unleashes diverging perspectives, deep listening, co-creation and diverse skillsets to find new opportunities in a short amount of time.

OpenIDEO is planning a 24-hour sprint that can help to motivate minds across the world to become creative problem solvers. By setting the question: How might we rapidly inform and empower communities around the world to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?


COVID-19 is changing the lives of people and communities around the world each second. The rapidness of the outbreak has left individuals and organisations alike grasping for information and actions that can be taken to stay safe and healthy in completely new and uncertain circumstances.

Needless to say, a huge thank you to all the doctors, scientists and all emergency services that have been doing their part. However, as a community, there is power in scaling our unique thinking. As a global community, we are grappling with how to nurture and care for ourselves and each other, even though we might not fully understand the ramifications of the situations unfolding around us, and while we navigate the, for many, new reality of social distancing.

Information and access to it looks different for people around the world, as do responses to that information. Meanwhile, our spirits continue to seek and respond to stories and moments of beauty, joy, and inspiration that remind us of our humanity. And time continues to be of the essence, as we work to build supportive systems that will allow people to feel informed, connected, and prepared with each stage of the outbreak.

At this stage, involving the community to share stories and learn can be the fastest way to support these challenging times. Let’s celebrate everyone’s uniqueness by coming together with solving this decade’s biggest crisis.


OpenIDEO, a global design company, is currently coordinating with global response authorities who want to make sure people have actionable, relevant information around COVID-19. They ask for ten minutes of your time to share your COVID-19 experience so far, specifically regarding information and inspiration you have seen around the COVID-19 outbreak that has helped you change your behaviour and make new decisions.

This is a 24-hour sprint! This Challenge will be open until March 31, but, if you are able, the aim is to receive as many posts as possible by 9am PST on March 19.

Join the COVID-19 Communication Inspiration Challenge. — https://ideo.in/2TYcFGU

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