The work environment is constantly evolving!

For many businesses, an environmental change also means a new and more nuanced set of challenges. One such challenge is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced leaders all over to think on their feet so their organisations can stay afloat. The disruptions caused by the pandemic have brought a unique set of complexities for all organisations. As a leader, you must learn to adapt to such changes.

To remain successful within your organisation, you must understand people and systems in general. Part of my role as an accredited Service Designer is to help leaders…

We’re always in a flux of constant change!

If you change the way people look at the world, you are one step closer to changing the world for the better.

Too often, there is a massive disconnect between the services launched into communities and the leaders who create them. Many governments and political leaders lack the resources and a fundamental understanding of the root needs of the public from different diaspora and sub-communities.

Communities’ needs are forever changing, and sometimes frontline government workers are not empowered to make decisions for complex social issues with many layers. Policy development and how…

It almost feels like my head has been submerged in water for the last 16 months, like everyone I have been coping with and adapting to new ways of working and running remote workshops. As we start to go back to some sense of normality, it feels like I can breathe again and see the light.

We need to consider a new perspective using hybrid workshops as we re-image how we work and collaborate with each other post-pandemic. A workshop arrangement that includes participants being involved in person or online “typically in working from home or another office”. …

Collaborating with people and forming new teams and departments is critical to any service designer, no matter their level.

You can’t just simultaneously push a service blueprint or journeys map in front of your team as an answer without understanding the precise needs and motivations, whichever one you are working with to design or improve service.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with different teams and organisations. Get me the number of other people with different roles and characters. I can’t confirm 100% accessory with all my collaborations over the years. There are several types of people…

Credit: bamagal (Unsplash)

If you are someone that is looking for something other than gratitude and awareness as a service designer, you might not want to consider working inside an organisation as an in-house service designer. Understanding, adapting and maturing will take time compared to working in a design-led organisation or agency.

To understand how to build a service design practice in an organisation without the support of an external agency, contractor, or consultancy, you need to first understand the importance of the changing definition of the service your organisation will offer.

Nielsen Norman Group defines the term as follows: “Service design improves…

Stories from the Vine Community

Businesses can start from any place where there is a need and someone takes the chance to fulfil those needs. Now more than ever, entrepreneurship is key on a local community level based on the demands of the situation. We talked to Mark Hall, a Camden native, to understand his entrepreneurial journey and how he has made use of opportunities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by joining IKE Survive & Pivot program.

This 14-week program is powered by Foundervine and designed to support local businesses who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 to help explore ways to make their businesses more…

Education & Online Learning Illustrations — Designkit
Education & Online Learning Illustrations — Designkit
Credit: Designkit — Education & Online Learning Illustrations

Service design has taken a more prominent role and found its way into the daily routine of industries. You will found over 2.04 million people on Linkedin with service design in their job title. It holds an important place in the future of the planet.

Service design has become a bit of a buzz word as organisations, innovation agencies, and individuals have been implementing it into their toolkit. However, it is crucial for us to ensure that the next generation understands how this can be used as a tool to find solutions for future challenges.

Perhaps I am turning into…

Empathy is a journey and outcomes are never certain.

Check In Mental Health GIF By YouTube via Giphy
Check In Mental Health GIF By YouTube via Giphy
Check In Mental Health GIF By YouTube via Giphy

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in one way or another; directly, by the infection of the Coronavirus, or indirectly, due to the economic recession, mental health issues, and the rampant unemployment level across sectors such as the hospitality and airline industries.

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, service designers are being increasingly tasked with creating a space of clarity and vision while designing new services. 2020 has presented itself as a challenging year with the Covid-19 pandemic leaving a bleak memory in the minds of people all over the world. …

It’s not just about short-term profitability within your business but how you can drive long-term impact in a meaningful way.

There are so many new challenges the world faces. Corporations, governments or communities alone can’t solve these global issues that affect the health, global equity, and sustainability of our planet. Your organisation needs to rethink how it can drive new value now and in the future in a systemic way. A systemic model is where groups of organisations work together to share resources and knowledge to transfer activities to others.

Businesses were built with a goal to create value through…

As the world continues to change our need to solve complex problems in a more interconnected way raises in importance. We are presented with wicked problems everyday, these are highly complex challenges with levels of uncertainty. For centuries, innovators have only applied one lens to solve problems and often not considered that their solutions only tackle one siloed issue.

There needs to be a shift from being immobilised by unknown outcomes and paralysed by information overload to understanding wider contexts, clarify different perspectives and make better decisions as leaders.

Approaches such as design thinking have paved the way for businesses…

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