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  • Mike Laurie

    Mike Laurie

    Designing human centred systems with pictures and words. Snoozing is a super power.

  • Ness Wright

    Ness Wright

    Service design + sustainability

  • Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams

    I work between entrepreneurship, product development and assistive technology. I write content about all three and occasionally throw in self-reflections.

  • Jonathan Courtney

    Jonathan Courtney

    Co-Founder of AJ&Smart, a Digital Product Design agency. Nerdy-looking Irish guy.

  • Gosbert Chagula

    Gosbert Chagula

    Co-Founder @ Startup Discovery School 🧭 | Business for Non-Business Types | Football Shirt Connoisseur

  • Neil Collman

    Neil Collman

    I’m a design leader, speaker and strategist who cares about making an impact for people and profit through insight and design.

  • Greg Satell

    Greg Satell

    Bestselling Author of Cascades and Mapping Innovation, @HBR Contributor, - Learn more at www.GregSatell.com β€” note: I use Amazon Affiliate links for books.

  • Stephen Chapendama

    Stephen Chapendama

    Cyber Security & Africa | Technology Manager @ Foundervine.com & Senior Software Engineer in Cyber & Intelligence πŸš€

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