How we can support new perspectives using systems thinking

As the world continues to change our need to solve complex problems in a more interconnected way raises in importance. We are presented with wicked problems everyday, these are highly complex challenges with levels of uncertainty. For centuries, innovators have only applied one lens to solve problems and often not considered that their solutions only tackle one siloed issue.

There needs to be a shift from being immobilised by unknown outcomes and paralysed by information overload to understanding wider contexts, clarify different perspectives and make better decisions as leaders.

Approaches such as design thinking have paved the way for businesses, governments and start-up founders to use customer empathy when designing new solutions. However, it is not enough to just stop there.

There is no one silver bullet to solve these complex problems. Especially, if they have never been considered before. With so many unknown knowns affecting how we decide and navigate the future. Focusing on just one part of the problem is not delivering enough impact.

Innovation needs to get better. We need to take a more systemic approach to building new solutions and solving problems. Let’s face it, organisations find it hard to build the right systemic mindsets let alone the right capability. There is an over-dependence on looking at a single thing or part rather than the whole. This is where you apply systems thinking to reframe how you approach problems and see things differently through diverse perspectives.

Only through applying systems thinking can you understand the big picture and connect more possibilities rather than an isolated part.

Breaking the barriers to shift how to manage innovation within a start-up, community or large organisation can be challenging. There are four mindset-shifts:

As we try to make products, services and experiences faster, cheaper and generally better. Interconnecting the right systems and communities are still an afterthought. We need to push the boundary to come up with ideas that have not been considered in the past.

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